Fall and winter 2018 fads: vintage clothing is back in fashion!

fashion sweaters pants ,is introduces in  this year. from the article.

This year, than last year’s big Logo of qiu dong street wind restoring ancient ways,

is return item limelight more prosperous.

Northern wind sweater, color matching sweater,

tall waist Mom Jeans these dividers is popular now. The 2018 autumn/winter fashion Tips here!

Color matching sweater

fashion sweaters pants

n autumn and winter, I believe that many girls are like me, hoping to wear warm and soft waxy sweaters every day.

So what’s the new trend for sweaters this season? The answer is monochromatic sweater!

Compared with the simple sweater of the pure color that we are fond of in the past,

this year is fashionable fancy, the more bold the more fashionable that collides color.

fashion sweaters pants fashion sweaters pants

Emili Sindlev, a Danish stylist, is a no-brainer.

Her sweater pairing is also surprisingly simple,

usually a sparkly sweater with a pantsuit or skirt, without the need for other fussy accessories.

fashion sweaters pants fashion sweaters pants

This red and blue Slogan sweater from Isabel Marant Etoile became the big winner this year,

especially among bloggers and stylists.

fashion sweaters pants

This also reflected the heat that spells color sweater, and compare gentle colour, exaggerated and bold color is more have tension.

fashion sweaters pants fashion sweaters pants

Danish stylist Emili Sindlev has a rainbow striped sweater to try this year, and the confectionery color stitching is lively.

fashion sweaters pants fashion sweaters pants

The stripe sweater of academy style also is a kind that spells lubricious sweater,

it is more pure and fresh than big block joining together only, suit to walk small girl’s style.

fashion sweaters pants fashion sweaters pants fashion sweaters pants

Don’t throw away your sweaters from previous seasons.

 For example, 

leopard print, is back in fashion this year, or a simple solid color sweater, with a checkered scarf like British stylist Estelle Pigault.

Granny style sweater

fashion sweaters pants

In addition to matching colors, there are two old fashion sweaters that have returned to fashion this year.

One of them is the seal’s personal favorite Nordic sweater.

fashion sweaters pants

This season IN the northern European style sweater is

still familiar formula, snow, ringer and other extremely characteristic patterns and colors of autumn and winter, thick Christmas festive atmosphere.

Sweater texture is also usually thick stick needle is given priority to, compare exquisite knitting sweater, more languid and lazy.

fashion sweaters pants fashion sweaters pants fashion sweaters pants

If you’re a hipster, try a Nordic sweater with stitching outside. Like Yoyo Cao,

Isabel Marant’s star’s sweater is one of the most versatile.

fashion sweaters pants

This fall and winter, it’s a new fad to see sweaters with loose threads hanging out.

fashion sweaters pants fashion sweaters pants

If you’re a girl who looks at pictures carefully, you should be aware of another sweater trend I’m going to talk about.

fashion sweaters pants

The sweaters in the above street photos all have a similar pattern, that is,

the wide sleeves and the waist design, the overall appearance of the letter T

fashion sweaters pants

Fashionable elite people love this version of the reason is also extremely simple, nothing but look thin!

Baggy sleeves and short hemlines are designed to avoid the bloated feel of a sweater.

With a slightly hunch over shoulders, a simple sweater can give a sense of attitude.

  Mom Jeans  

fashion sweaters pants

Say coat over, that this year street photograph in everybody’s favorite pants outfit is what,

it is tall waist straight tube Mom Jeans undoubtedly.

The name of Mom Jeans here, you can feel its retro style, after all, it stands for Mom’s fashionable Jeans.

fashion sweaters pants fashion sweaters pants

Ken and gigi, who have always loved to wear Mom Jeans, have taken on a new look this season.

Tie-dye, splicing color and other elements experience in the fabric of tannin, less publicity but also very individual.

fashion sweaters pants fashion sweaters pants

High-waisted, loose Mom Jeans have a much lower body weight requirement than tights,

and when it comes to choosing the right style, they are especially good for leg shape,

and any big butt or small thick leg can be hidden.

fashion sweaters pants fashion sweaters pants fashion sweaters pants

It’s a nice mix of vintage black jeans and white ankle boots,

but Gigi’s animal-print high-waisted trousers and denim belt are from the ’90s.

fashion sweaters pants

Bella Hadid and Gigi Hadid show up at milan fashion week on sept 19, 2018

Pull edge, the high-waisted Mom Jeans of broken hole is general and optional tie-in jacket is ok,

but baggy pants suits close-fitting jacket one suppress one raise, excessive loose only can show fatter,

fashion sweaters pants

The gray, off-white jeans Ken bean is worn twice a month, though the top and accessories have been changed,

but the overall style is still consistent, both wild and sexy, and the shiny black belt looks retro.

fashion sweaters pants fashion sweaters pants

This season popular bright color fastens sweater and high-waisted Mom Jeans to be matchable absolutely,

the sheet of high-waisted kind should remember to be inserted into top, will show the advantage of high-waisted.

fashion sweaters pants

It is said that exposing the ankle is a fashionable way to wear,

but in autumn and winter, do not be hard concave,

a pair of ankle boots and nine-point trousers will be easy and warm to ride this Look.

fashion sweaters pants

Do you have any inspiration from all these vintage outfits this year?

shirt and turtleneck

Image source: Oriental IC/WENN/ network editor: Lorelai

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