Three of the most stylish looks of the year are OUT!

womens clothing

womens clothing: We’ve chosen three of the most popular ways of the year. Click to see if you don’t know. We hope can help you.

♦Wide-legged series

Whether the show or street snapshots are angry brush presence of the wide-leg pants, this summer is still huge.

womens clothing

The biggest advantage of wide leg pants is: do not pick a figure! Perfect for adjusting body proportions and hiding meat!

So! How should wide leg pants match and choose?

*The seven-minute wide-leg pants

The seven-minute wide-leg pants are a golden length that almost any size can handle well

Reveal slender legs and ankles, pedaling on a pair of high heels, the visual perfect height of 5 cm!

Small fairy with slender thigh can choose a harder material, such as this denim fabric or suit fabric~

womens clothingwomens clothing


Compared to seven-point pants, nine-point pants or full-length wide-leg pants are more challenging to match.Wear a split top with a small, bare waist to raise the waist line – and the split is one of the most popular elements of this summer.

womens clothing

With a certain percentage of bare shoulders or neckline, wear wide-leg pants and high heels. Your legs can be thin and long

♦Wide-legged pants skirt

There is little fairy message say “thigh thick, how does hip meat do more? “Tell you ~ wide leg skirt pants is your best choice!

womens clothing


womens clothing

Wide leg pants are in hot demand, wide leg skirt is also riding on, become this year spring summer begins popular sheet to taste.

♦Bind series

This year, led by the bandage series, the basic domineering swept the show.

womens clothing        zipper type binding sandals, easy to wear, not satisfied with the shape of the band can also be slightly adjusted.When wearing a dress, pair it with a pair of relatively simple, design-conscious sandals just right!

womens clothing

In addition to binding shoes, there are also binding elements of clothing ~ this screen bully, the truth is so small want to ignore and can not ah!

womens clothingThe sweater that begins to bind from the spring is loved to annoy! So say, summer not only can come lulu clavicle through one word collar, this kind of tie collar can also dew~

womens clothing

Universal trend street photo

—–this article is from WeChat public account Universal trend street photo.

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